фронт коробки Здобне печиво Дніпро


Dnipro butter cookies are our team

TM “Zdobne pechivo “Dnipro”” is a team of professionals in the fields of marketing, advertising, sales, economics and law, which 10 years later voluntarily, on its own initiative, undertook the mission of reviving, preserving and developing the Ukrainian brand of cookies. Dnipro” and “Dniprovski Zori”.

фото команда печиво Дніпро
In the photo, our team Yulia Tregub, Larisa Bileska. Oleksandr Biletskyi

The team sees the fulfillment of its mission through the implementation of the project developed by the company’s specialists.


The Company has rights to the following intellectual property :


To implement the project, the company is interested in cooperation:

  • With manufacturers of cookies or other products that have decided to change or expand their assortment
  • With Startups ready to start a project “from scratch”.
  • With investors interested in profiting from project implementation.

Form of cooperation

  • Conclusion of a standard License Agreement with payment of copyright. At the same time, the amount of the reward is only up to 5% of the total income.
  • Sale of Franchises for the production and sale of cookies. You can find out about the Franchise that we offer here.
  • The terms of cooperation can be found on the Dnipro Cookie Franchise page

The main principles of the project:

  • Implementation of high technology at all stages of production
  • Compliance with the original recipe
  • Product safety
  • Honest marketing
  • Fair competition
  • Environmental Protection
  • Working conditions that meet production standards
  • Adherence to DSTU and sanitary conditions
  • Compliance with tax legislation
  • Copyright protection

Join our team!

Read all about the conditions for purchasing a franchise and its advantages on the DNIPRO PASTRY FRANCHISE page. Send a message on the Contacts page of our website and receive a commercial offer by mail, taking into account your conditions and wishes!

Do you have any questions?

Contact the project manager

Biletska Larisa


+38 050 6190835

The expected result of the project is a network of independent manufacturers of cookies “Dnipro” and “Dniprovskii Zori” under the TM “Dnipro Cookies” that produce and sell cookies of the highest quality according to a single original technology and recipe.

A quality product that meets the expectations of its fans.